Penile Defects

Congenital penile conditions

Birth Defects of Penis

The word congenital refers to diseases or problems with the body that are present at birth but not necessarily hereditary; acquired during fetal development. Congenital problems are commonly referred to as “birth defects”. These problems may be genetic, caused by difficulties during pregnancy or the cause may not be known. Translocations can result in serious congenital disorders. Congenital problems can range from very minor to severe and life-threatening. A congenital problem is the opposite of an acquired problem, which occurs with aging, repetitive use, lifestyle issues or injury.

Like other parts of systems of the human body, reproductive system or sexual organs are not free from birth defects. In male reproductive system, penis and scrotum in particular are at increased risk of various birth defects. Following are some of the major birth or congenital defects of penis:

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