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This defect is in front curvature of the penis usually curving downwards, which is most apparent with erection and is caused by fibrous tissue along the usual course of the corpus spongiosum. Upward curvature can occur but it is very rare. It is often associated with another condition called hypospadias is severe degrees but mild degrees of curvature may occur in otherwise normal males.

Chordee downwards

Torsion of the Penis

Torsion of the penis is a condition where the penis rotates around its longitudinal axis usually to the left. It is a birth defect but may also occur as a complication to penile surgery. Torsion frequently passes unnoticed, and rarely do patients present with torsion as a complaint, especially that it does not hinder sexual activity. Nevertheless, some patients are heavily pounded by the psychological burden of penile torsion, and request correction.